Career Technical Education

There are exciting changes in the CTE programs.

The CTE classrooms are now simulated workplaces where students can take leading roles in the work that is performed.  CTE students will go through an interview process to be accepted into their program of choice.  These students will be expected to wear uniforms, take leadership roles, submit to drug testing and punch a time clock.

Matt Miller, CTE Director

  I've been employed with Lincoln County School System for 19 years and worked at the elementary and high school level. I have a Bachelors and Masters from Marshall University. At LCHS I've been the Department Chair for Special Education, on the Safe and Supportive School Team, Priority Team, Leadership Team, and Crisis Intervention Team.
       My thoughts about CTE, we have one of the better CTE programs in the state that offer opportunities for students to excel and grow in different areas, with the opportunity to be very successful after high school. This year we started the Simulated Work Place in our CTE programs that promotes work-based learning opportunities for students to learn skills that are aligned with business and industry standards. I fell SWP is a great opportunity for our student to shine and showcase their skills for others to see and give them the skills needed for business and industry.   It is very important to me that our students in CTE visit job sites to gain job awareness skills, as well as make contacts for potential job opportunities after high school.  I am working to add new programs, projects, increase media coverage of our projects, increase the number of students in CTE programs, and make CTE more inviting to students, staff, and visitors.  

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