Game Design

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This course is for anyone who loves gaming and wants to design and build original games from scratch. Students learn how to use popular game-development software to create engaging, interactive games in a variety of styles. After learning about game genres, students learn about all aspects of the game-design process. From there, it's on to a series of increasingly challenging hands-on projects that teach all the elements of successful game development. This course provides a solid foundation in the essentials of game design. - Larry Harshbarger

Game Design Classroom

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To pass this CTE program branch you have to complete 4 classes before you graduate.  These classes are preferably in this order: Digital Imaging/ Multi Media and Game Design one.  Then you have to complete Web Page Publishing and Game Design two. If you do this you will have a basic to advanced idea on how to use the programs listed earlier.

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You'll  be using Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver programs to edit images, create animations and websites.  You'll also use Game Factory 2 and Multimedia Fusion 2 and other gaming software to develop video games.